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Artist above all, as far back as I can remember, my creativity has always been guided by an emotion. Triggered by a color, a material, a sound, a light, an atmosphere, a memory, they are the source of all creation.

I have learned over time that my hands are my best means of expression, my asset, and that with a little perseverance they can accomplish beautiful things. In an endless quest for discovery, my hands have learned to smear inks and paints, pastels and charcoal on every support given to them, to shape clay, to sculpt wood and stone, to assemble pieces of all kinds to give life to the inert.

Each creative action of my hands provokes a liberating feeling of satisfaction and appeasement, but also of excitement. To see with each attempt the progress intensify a little more and my skills sharpen is a raw pleasure, the product of perseverance on each of these new challenges.

I have found, through design, a way to make these emotional rushes useful, the full satisfaction of which is only experienced when they are shared. Each project I design must provoke in its user a powerful and intrinsic feeling, make his heart beat in one way or another, if not it is failed.


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