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Renovation of a huge farmhouse from the early 19th century, under the cliffs of the ancient Etruscan lands of Orvieto in Italy. The building was divided into a large residential part for the owners and three apartments for rent. The present project concerns the residential part.


Creation of a completely new annex intended for rental and divided into two identical studios with mezzanine. The building offers a spectacular view of the cliffs as well as of the ancient monastery of La Badia and its vineyards. Its modernity underlines its discrepancy with the original building, while respecting its historical and geographical context through its construction materials.


The property's huge lands are used to create a link between the two buildings, between the old and the new, between residential and rental. The creation of common areas such as a swimming pool, a terrace with pool house, barbecue and hammock, embellished with local fruit trees and vines, allows visitors and residents to share moments while enjoying this exceptional setting.

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